The crypto that grants you the luck of the Irish Shiba

      Powered by Cloud Ten Labs

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      Irish Shiba Coin is the only crypto that gives one lucky person up to $1 million every day just for having it in their wallet!

      The approximate amount each daily winner gets depends on that days trading volume:

      $1 million = $25,000
      $5 million = $125,000
      $10 million = $250,000

      Once we make it to the moon, any day with over $40 million in daily volume will make one person a millionaire every single day!

      A meme token that also has utility... What?!?

      Irish Shiba Coin is the luckiest crypto you’ll ever come across. Not only do we give away a small fortune to one person every day, but our coin will also power the Irish Shiba platform currently being built. Our dApp will consist of luck-based games, and most will be free to play! All you’ll need is some Irish Shiba Coin and you’ll be able to see if you have the luck of the Irish Shiba.

      Here are some ideas for games we’re considering for the launch of the Irish Shiba dApp:

      Flip of the Coin

      Every day anyone with Irish Shiba Coin in their wallet can flip a coin on our platform. Heads you win free coins, tails you don’t.

      The Four Leaf Clover

      The odds of finding a four leaf clover are about 1 in 10,000, so each 10,000th transaction the person who made it wins $1,000 in our crypto!

      5 Minute Irish Pot

      Every 5 minutes you can play this game, and one person is guaranteed to win each time. The odds of you winning are equal to the amount of Irish Shiba Coin you enter into the pot. For example, if you place 100 coins and the total jackpot gets to 1,000, you have a 10% chance of winning it all. So add more for a better chance to win the jackpot.

      NFT Mystery Boxes

      Once a month we randomly choose 100 Irish Shiba Coin holders and give away a mystery NFT box to each person. Some of the NFT’s will be common, a few will be rare. These will be collectables, and will never be sold by us. They can only be won by the lucky, so winning them is like getting a luck of the Irish Shiba badge.

      We also plan on implementing a voting system so the Irish Shiba community can choose which games they want on our dApp. The possibilities are endless!

      Let’s chat on Discord and Telegram.

      Powered by
      Cloud Ten Labs

      The Irish Shiba Coin and dApp are being built by Cloud Ten Labs, a world-renowned software development company. Cloud Ten Labs is ranked top 15 software agencies in California, and #1 in two countries. They’ve delivered successful projects for the last several years, and will do so again with Irish Shiba.

      Nathan Peterson

      Nathan is the founder of Irish Shiba and Cloud Ten Labs. He has been building tech companies since 2002 and is now redirecting his full attention to Irish Shiba.

      Louin Wang

      Louin is the co-founder of Irish Shiba and Cloud Ten Labs. He has been a software engineer ever since the first app store came out well over a decade ago.

      Louin Wang

      Louin is the co-founder of Irish Shiba and Cloud Ten Labs. He has been a software engineer ever since the first app store came out well over a decade ago.

      The future of the
      Irish Shiba Coin
      and dApp

      • December 2021December 2021Development and community

        The Binance Smart Chain contract will be completed and the Irish Shiba community structure will begin to form.

      • January 2022January 2022Marketing

        As we begin our massive marketing campaign the awareness and community will begin to become obvious. Once it reaches a critical level we will make the coin live.

      • February 2022February 2022Coin launch

        Irish Shiba Coin goes live on Pancakeswap for the world to buy and sell!

      • March 2022March 2022dApp goes live

        On March 17th (St. Patricks day) we will launch our dApp gaming platform. At first there will only be a few games, but we will add to this regularly.


      There will be a total supply of 777 million Irish Shiba Coins minted. This number can never change.
      Buy tax will be set at 2.5%, sell tax at 2.5%. (note: some of the most popular coins have buy and sell taxes well above 10%, so our fees are relatively less).
      50% of the tax is given to the daily winner, 25% goes to auto liquidity, and the rest goes mostly to marketing and operations.
      The founders receive no Irish Shiba Coin at all. Their cut comes from the tax, so they only earn Irish Shiba Coin if it’s successful.
      Liquidity will be locked forever to prevent a rug pull and protect all coin holders.
      Anti-whale protocols will be in place to prevent large coin holders from causing volatility. 
      Anti-bot systems will be in place to prevent bot trading.
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